Collapsible Eco-friendly Water Bottle

Collapsible Eco-friendly Water Bottle

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  1. Flexible and Space Saving: Stood upright when full; Folded, rolled up or flattened when empty
  2. Reusable and Safe: Ultra-durable, PE/PA/PET, three layers composite lining 
  3. Freezable: Chill overnight and you will have a refreshing beverage anytime throughout the day
  4. Portable: Convenient hanging clip easily attaches to pockets, bags, or equipment for easy storage
  5. Multipurpose: Best for Camping, Hiking, Cycling, Running, Jogging, Workouts Gym, Summer Camp or Travel
  6. Dishwasher safe
  7. Material:PE/PA/PET
  8. Product Dimensions(L*W*H):23*13*1.5cm
  9. Product Weight:45g

Package Content:

1  Collapsible Water Bottle
1  Hanging Clip